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What do an aspiring pop diva, a fashionista and a book worm have in common? Music! After being randomly selected to room together at Mackendrick Prep, Sun Hi, Jodi and Corki must learn to live together in harmony... literally. Can they achieve pop stardom in a school where academics come first and the arts come last? How will these rising stars balance music, grades, relationships and crushes? There's only one way to find out! Get ready for fun, drama, and musical comedy with a K-pop twist and an EDM beat!

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Heart, Courage, Brains (3)
In Heart, Courage, Brains , The play is now in schedule and the play is jeopardized when Corki gets stage fright. The band can also break up due to Jodi going to a fashion college and Corki going back home. Sun Hi is afraid she lost the band.
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It's the Final Week, which couple won't breakup and will be!

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Did You Know?

... That Louriza Tronco played Yuki on Zapped?
... That Dale Whibley played Yudd Nudurude on Max and Shred?
... That Sun Hi is a Korean name?
... That K-Pop means Korean Pop music?
... That Ms. Diona is the main antagonist of the show?
... That Mr. Stark is the residential advisor and has a problem with the freshman.
... That Caleb is the problem with Mr. Stark?
... That Make It Pop aired April 6, 2015?
... That the show has 20 episodes in season 1?
... That Valerie who is portrayed by Taveeta Symanowicz stared as Thalia in the hit drama show, The Next Step?
... That XO-IQ is the girl group name?
... That Megan Lee was in Korean's Got Talent? And won runner up?
... That the show is renewed for a second season?