Zia rayziz

aka Zaynah Khan

  • I live in Somewhere out of nowhere
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is student...
  • I am female
  • Zia rayziz


    January 15, 2016 by Zia rayziz


    I can't find the perfect song to make lyrics for,,, hepl me. Comment the song in the comments box...


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  • Zia rayziz

    New Lyrics

    January 15, 2016 by Zia rayziz

    Hey, I just found this song Walk that Walk, okay lets not say that I just found it, but this song attracts me towards it [or should I say A lots ], I thought to make a lyric video for it so I made one.

    Now I am hoping for you guys to watch it..

    Its on my channel...

    Love Make it pop

    Oh, just forgot this is the link Walk that Walk lyrics

    Hope you like it and ya, subscribe so you dont miss another vid, I make.

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  • Zia rayziz

    The Characters

    January 10, 2016 by Zia rayziz

    So this ain't great but I find it Interesting listening to make it pop

    Megan Lee AS Sun Hi Song

    I really like Sun Hi's character (Well Actually that is like my best friend, well the only difference is that my best friend does not have the passion for music and stardom) although while choosing I chose Sun Hi instead of my bff choosing her. 

    Erica Tham AS Corki Chang

    Another person I like, before I chose Sun Hi, I was choosing Corki, but due to a friend of mine wanted to choose her I didn't. Well my friend and I stayed choosing Corki for a few days, but later I chose Sun Hi instead.

    Louriza Tronco AS Jodi Mappa

    I didn't choose her although she is more like me, instead my best friend stayed up choosing her. I actually love Jodi's Passion for Fashio…

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