Colour Key

This is the colour key for all the characters in the transcripts.

  • Sun Hi = Pink
  • Jodi = Light Purple
  • Corki = Yellow with a Black Background
  • Caleb = Red
  • Valerie = Light Blue
  • Heather = Green
  • Lila = Purple - any of you who know German colours will get why she's got purple.
  • Jared = Blue
  • Miss Reed = Dark blue

Note: If the writing is two colours, characters are speaking at the same time.

Episode 001: Welcome Back To Mackendrick Prep!

Welcome Back To Mackendrick Prep! is the first episode of The Make It Pop Spin-Off - I don't have a name for it.


Caleb, Jodi and Corki return to find Sun Hi has been kicked out; Valerie starts attending a voice acting school; Heather is forced to retake her senior year.


*Corki and Jodi squeal in their room* I can't wait to see who we're sharing a room with! You mean you can't wait to see Sun Hi? Aww, sweet. You two already have a nickname for me. I hate it! You're not Sun Hi! Well duh. And congrats on knowing what your friend looks like. Well that's a little rude. *Caleb bursts in* Girls, I've been worki... *Caleb stares at Lila* You're not Sun Hi. That's what we said! *Lila is shown talking pictures of herself on her phone* Hello, do you two mind being in my shot? Hello, do you mind being in our room? And what have you done with Sun Hi? Hello girls,


Main Cast

Reccuring Cast

  • TBA as Miss Reed


  • Heather and Valerie are now main characters
  • Valerie's last name is revealed to be Po Prostu
    • Which is Polish for Simply.

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