Caleb will never can understand girls. and girls problems.

Sun Hi is very sad because the band broke up, she want to go to this band competition.

Jodi doesn't get what she is in to with the internship.

Caleb and Corki try to build a robot

    • in the back**

Do You Want To Build A Robot?


like i was said:

Caleb and Corki try to build a robot, but sadly, they could not succeed.

Sun Hi [screaming a scream that destroys the world]

[Well, just out of high school. ]

[just the eardrums of students, teachers and high school principal.]

[Do I exaggerated? Noooooo.]

than, all the students go to a One Direction. with a talking cat.

it's real like i am a flying pancakes.

see ya in the next blog!

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