Have you guys ever had friends that are very selfish and uses you as a back up friend. Well I have one of those friends. Her name is Alexxus and I have known her since 3rd grade. Last year my other friend is Brianna which is Alexxus best friend was Alexxus best friend and they would leave me out of everything so I was the third wheel . Brianna started handing out with Sydney and riding to her house so Alexxus got mad and started to focus on me more, but now since Brianna and Sydney don't ride home everyday like they used to Alexxus is back to Brianna . But today we had twin day where we dressed alike with our buddy or buddies. We had planned to do it but she ditched me to dress like Brianna and they wore the best friend shirt with the arrow pointing to each other. But I am so happy that I have my  3 friends Kaitlyn , Moriah  and Alaska. I don't like my friendship life right now!😤 What do you guys think is she a real friend and should I ditch her or she is a real friend and we should stay friends comment below for you shoutouts. 





                                         - CAMMYB1026🎻😘


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