OMG I'm so disappointed and angry with Mr. Chang he can't take Corki home. But I will start from the beginning. 

   The play "Hunting Dorothy" was a mess 😧 ! Corki (the cowardly lion) forgot her lines when she got on stage because of stage fright (WHY)! JK😅 Anyways so Jared tries to help Corki ( remember he owes her because of the bet) by being a troll and everyone goes out of character and starts to argue about boyfriends (btw Jodi and Caleb are a thing now yeah, I told my sister they would become a thing. I'm getting 10 bucks tomorrow💵 ) and how they mess up everything. But they they sing one of there songs and everything becomes AWESOME because they are AWESOME.

   They have a show at the roller rink and have awesome dance moves that are topped with killer dresses by the one and only Jodie. We got to see who the boss was, he brought in Nick Cannon ! Nick asked for them to go on tour with him. This is when Mr. Chang takes Corki and says " I'm taking you home" Jodi says "  I can't I have a internship with a designing job (GO JODI 🙌) . It ends with Sun Hi screaming because she doesn't have a band anymore.AHHHHHHHHHHHHH😮


That is so meh :D


I will try to blog at least once a week. Next blog will be about me and how I'm like. Comment something that you have in common with at least one of them and I will give a shout out to 3 lucky people YEAH 🙆.                                              - Cammyb1026🎻😘


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