When the premiere of the first episode, Rumors & Roomates premieres, we will do a supersize fondue party! What doesn't that mean well the Admins have made Make it Pop Spectacular! The contest is to make a poster of Make It Pop. Use any program you want to to make the best poster in the whole wiki! The poster will be displayed on the homepage! And people vote for which one rocks it in the spotlight! Here are the rules:
  1. Don't put bad language.
  2. Sign your artwork
  3. Make sure you put some bling to it!
  4. Put #MakeItPopWikiContest at the bottom or anywhere so the public decides!
  5. To upload it, send it at the comments section and the administrators will see which one is the best.
  6. There will be First Second and Third prizes.
    First Prize is a picture for you to go on the homepage, Second Prize is designing your own logo and Third Prize is a pack of Make It Pop playlists to listen to everyday on the Wiki!

  • To see helpful tips for the poster, click here.
  • If you want to vote and see examples, go to the official forum.

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