Ok, So I MADE some Make It Pop Season 2 episode coz the show is so great and season 2 should be there! So let me show you the list.

  1. To Be A Star-Sun Hi doesn't know what to do when the band breaks up and convinces Corki and Jodi not to leave; Caleb has to break up with Jodi.
  2. Another Time-Caleb and Sun Hi are having a hard time being only two in the band; Corki talks to her father.
  3. Shine Through The Year-It's the last day of the school year and Sun Hi can't believe her 2 best friends have left; Sun Hi's roommates are Heather and Valerie; Corki and Jodi feel like they want to stay at school to be with the band and friends.
  4. The Moveout-Valerie finds out she is a senior and doesn't have to share a dorm with Sun Hi; Corki and Jodi move in making Sun Hi and Caleb happy; Jared says goodbye to Corki.
  5. Tests to Fail-Jared fails his test to be close to Corki; XO-IQ is in trouble when Ms. Diona finds a way to build her pool. Mr. Stark and XO-IQ must play fire against fire.
  6. The New Girl-Melody, a new student at Mackendrick Prep comes and Sun Hi takes an interest for the band; Corki doesn't like the new girl for flirting with Jared; Jodi and Caleb go on a date.
  7. Tour-Sun Hi sad that Melody has left Mackendrick, tries to phone Nick for the tour; Mr. Chang refuses Corki to go on tour again.
  8. Fighting Fighters-XO-IQ and Mr. Stark have to provide evidence to the school that Ms. Diona is building a pool and no longer arts and music; The Wizard of Oz was a Sucess that Mr. Stark is auditioned to be in a real play.
  9. The Court-Corki and Jared talk; Dylan saves Sun Hi from a bookcase falling in library; Sun Hi feels she is close to Dylan.
  10. Decked Me Out
  11. Curses Which Lift From The Sky-The curse from last year is lifted and Mr. Stark is worried that the curse's after effects might ruin the Christmas Play which will come soon in the year.

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