Tomorrow Is Ours is an album by XO-IQ. It is scheduled to release on December 18, 2015. It will feature songs from Season 2 of Make It Pop.


No. Title Length
1. "Walk That Walk"   3:20
2. "Make You the One"   3:10
3. "Tomorrow is Ours"   3:20
4. "We Doin' It"   3:16
5. "Back to Me"   3:09
6. "Good Karma"   2:46
7. "Where Our Hearts Go"   3:00
8. "You Make It Better"   2:40
9. "Music's All I Got"   3:28
10. "Situation Wild"   2:20
11. "Like a Machine"   3:09
12. "Whispers"   2:46
13. "Rock the Show"   3:00
14. "Jump to It"   2:40
15. "Gratitude"   3:28


  • This album will feature 15 tracks.
  • This is an album which has songs from Season 2 of Make It Pop.


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