Sun Mi Song is the twin sister of Sun Hi Song. Her first debut was in The Mirror. They have a rivalry as shown in The Mirror. Sun Mi is shown to try and ruin Sun Hi's reputation.

Sun Mi is portrayed by Megan Lee



Sun Mi grew up in Korea with Sun Hi when they were kids.Sun Hi always wanted to be a superstar, and Sun Mi wanted to play with her.Sun Mi wanted to play piano, and Sun Hi wanted to play with her, but her sister used her as a bench.The two had a rivalry since then. On Family Week in McKendrick Prep, Sun Mi tried to ruin Sun Hi's reputation by singing back up for Linc as Sun Hi.


Though both sisters have a rivalry with each other. They both care for each other a lot. Both Sun Hi and Sun Mi are opposites of each other, but they want the same thing. They want to be like the other sister as shown in Submission Impossible. Sun Mi is very polite and very resourceful whenever Sun Hi needs her help. An example was when in the episode Spring Fling, Sun Hi felt bad for Linc and asked Sun Mi to bring his butler to Mackendrick during Family Week. She is also very apologetic, smart, curious/adventurous, and a great pianoist


Sun Hi and Sun Mi are twin sisters.Sun Mi has no other known relationship.

Physical Appearance

Sun Mi looks similar to Sun Hi, but she wears glasses,her hair color is brown, she dresses formally, and she doesn't have a jewel on her face like Sun Hi.



  • First twin to appear in the Make It Pop series.