Steve is a minor character in Make It Pop. He is the son of the mechanic and grocer. He is first seen in Excess Baggage.


Steve is the son of the mechanic and grocer, and works in both stores. He is first seen in Excess Baggage after the bus broke down.



Valerie Graves (Possible crush)

Valerie fainted thinking they wouldn't get back in time for prom but Steve was there when she woke up. Later, Steve asked if you had to be a Mackendrick student to go to the prom Mr. Stark replied with "I don't suppose not". Then Valerie and Steve went to prom together.


"Do you have to be a student at Mackendrick to go?"

"Clean up in Aisle 6"


  • Steve is the son of both the grocer and the mechanic, therefore works in both stores.


Steve is usually seen wearing his mechanic work uniform, which is dark blue with his name on it. When working at the grocery shop, he wears a blue t-shirt with a green apron over top. At prom, he was seen wearing a tux.


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