Randy is a minor character in Make It Pop. He runs Ryker's Rink and is the boss of Caleb.

He is portrayed by Simu Liu.

Physical Appearance

He has not made an official physical appearance in the show, before Heart, Courage, Brains. He is usually shown as a silhouette.

In Heart, Courage, Brains, his appearance is finally shown. As an actual person, he is tall and slender. He has black hair and brown eyes.


Randy communicates with Caleb using phone calls.

In Failed Dreams, he let Caleb turn the rink into Club Ry-Ri. He also lets XO-IQ rehearse and perform there.

After XO-IQ's performance in I Can't Hear Me, he is never seen again until Heart, Courage, Brains, which finally revealed his face.


  • He is shown to be good friends with Nick Cannon.
  • Heart, Courage, Brains is the only episode he appears in. He is, however, mentioned by Nick Cannon in Looking for Trouble.


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