Make It Pop, Vol. 4 is the fourth soundtrack on the series, Make It Pop. It was released May 1, 2015.

Track List

No. Title Length
1. "United (Who We Are) (Flange Squad Remix)"   2:26
2. "Luv Em Girls/Luv Em Boys"   3:15
3. "Superstar (St-Thomas Random Remix)"   3:44
4. "How I'm Made (Flange Squad Remix)"   2:39
5. "Let's Make a Change (Shebrock Remix)"   3:00
6. "Do You Know My Name (Jodi & Corki Reprise)"   3:40
7. "Looking for Love (Flange Squad Remix)"   3:33
8. "Girls @ (St-Thomas Random Remix)"   2:43
9. "Light It Up (Flange Squad Remix)"   3:37
10. "Make It Pop (St-Thomas Random Remix)"   3:00


  • This soundtrack is reprises and remixes only.
  • This is the last soundtrack for Season 1.
  • There are no new songs on this soundtrack.

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