It was not a breakup, it was just two people who care enough about each other to left themselves be free.
Looking for Trouble is the nineteenth and twentieth episode in Season 2 of Make It Pop. This is the season finale.


XO-IQ prepares for an important performance; Linc reveals his summer plans; Caleb and Jodi deal with a problem. Romance tensions amount when the group gets ready for an important deal.

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  • Nick Cannon as himself


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Sun Hi: We are only here for the summer, how much trouble can we get in.


  • This is gonna be a "1 hour" season finale with the episode Really? It's Over?.
  • Nick Cannon was a special guest in this episode.
  • The band gets an offer to go to a resort to work with musical mentors and perform during the summer. (summer special? Reason is because Sun Hi said "how much trouble can we get into")
  • Jodi and Caleb break up.
  • Linc is going on vacation with his parents to Australia and it is uncertain when he will return.
  • Sun Hi and Linc kiss.
  • Season 2 was in the Top 50 watched original programs (source: Megan Lee Twitter).
  • Megan Lee helped co-write 3 songs: (All The Love, Tomorrow Is Ours (song), and Situation Wild).
  • This episode is also called Secrets.
  • In a BTS video on the Make It Pop official Youtube channel, the scene where Caleb, Jodi, Corki, and Sun Hi jump off the dock. The dock was "handmade" and shot on a special effects screen (green screen).

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