Everything is a song sung by Megan Lee. It was officially known as an XO-IQ performance. It has not been released and no videos. There are references that are by Nick Cannon.



(Short Version)

Me and You....
Time to Blue
Sing Song Flu

Keep Me Down

Now Everything is Blue.
I see everything can be me two
But nothing is crossed
For everything, oh, everything

Without You
Without Youuuuuuuu!

I can't wait, for everything she said
Nothing can be found, oh!
Everything is about me now!
Everything is about me oh no!

Yes we can go down to the meadow and pluck a field
Yah, yah
I trapped onto you
Fell like a hummingbird which came through

Now I go up and the radio is playing my name
Without You
Without Youuuuu!

I can't wait for everything she said
Nothing Can Be Found, Oh!
Everything is about me oh!
Everything is about me now, oh no!

Yah everything is about like a dream without a light and without everything in my skies
There is nothing to my eyes
We can be normal and everything will be the same.



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