Like Alexander Pope once said, 'to err, is human. to forgive? Divine.'

Dylan is recurring a character in Make It Pop. He is shown to be a good friend of Caleb's.

He is portrayed by Carray Hammond.


Not much is known about Dylan, since he never talks, however, he seems to be nice because he is willing to give up his phone to replace Sun Hi's.

Physical Appearance

Dylan is a tall boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually seen with a plaid shirt.



Dylan and Caleb are friends. They shared a temporary dorm room in The Situation when the boy's floor is toxic.

Sun Hi Song

Friend/Egg Buddy
Sun Hi and Dylan are paired together by Ms. Diona for the egg baby assignment. Sun Hi also took a selfie with Dylan, her first selfie with a boy.


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  • In some episodes, he is shown to be a back-up dancer in XO-IQ.
  • He shared a temporary dorm room with Caleb and Jared.



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