Corki and Jodi is the friendship of Corki and Jodi. They are rivals with Sun Hi and Corki, Jodi and Sun Hi, Caleb and Jodi, Corki and Jared, and Caleb and Corki. They are currently best friends and both are a part of the band, XO-IQ.


Jodi and Corki's relationship is much friendlier than Sun Hi and Corki's. Jodi understands Corki more, and they are not complete opposites, personality-wise. Jodi and Corki often come together when troubled, and get along like normal friends do. At first, Jodi was the middle ground in the conflict between Corki and Sun Hi, posing as a messenger to Corki and Sun Hi to communicate to each other, but in the end, she made them friends again. They are currently roommates/friends at Mackendrick Prep, alongside Sun Hi, and are also in a pop group together.


Season 1

Rumors & Roommates

  • They met for the first time.
  • Jodi (along with Sun Hi) want to find out who Corki is.
  • Jodi (along with Sun Hi) snuck out during the night to find out who Corki is.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Spotlightz together.


  • Corki (along with Sun Hi) used Jodi as a communication device.
  • Jodi (and Sun Hi) wants to be in the band but Corki does not.
  • Jodi (and Sun Hi) goes to the science lab to rehearse because no one was in there until they realized Corki was in there studying.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Do It in Caleb's imagination.
  • Corki asked Jodi if Sun Hi was alright.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed My Girls together to patch their friendship.
  • Corki finally accepts to be part of the band.
  • They were both lied by Caleb.
  • Jodi asked Corki to try out her dress.

Failed Dreams

  • Corki and Jodi (and Sun Hi) wanted to audition for the play as a trio.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Party Tonight as a reharsal together.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Get It Right together.
  • Corki told Jodi (along with Sun Hi) that there is going to be a math test.
  • Corki told Jodi (along with Sun Hi) that they were wrong for thinking that the test is next week.
  • Corki and Jodi (along with Sun Hi) got their test results back.
  • Corki told Jodi (along with Sun Hi) that they could take one retake test per semester.

Stolen Moves

  • They group hugged.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed United (Who We Are) together as a rehearsal song.
  • Jodi told Corki if she feels like adding anything, she is allowed to.
  • Jodi told Corki not to be shy.
  • Corki and Jodi and (Sun Hi) all want to prove that Valerie stole their moves.

I Can't Hear Me

  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Make It Pop together in Sun Hi's imagination.
  • They both freaked out when Sun Hi lost her voice.
  • They both didn't want to be on center stage.
  • Jodi and Corki took Sun Hi to the doctor.
  • Corki and Jodi were worried about Sun Hi.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Light It Up together.


  • Corki and Jodi (and Sun Hi) were waiting for Caleb outside Ms. Diona's office.
  • Jodi (and Sun Hi) was shocked when Corki became Valerie Graves's and Heather Duncan's friend.
  • Corki apologized with Jodi (and Sun Hi) for choose Heather and Valerie instead them.
  • Jodi (and Sun Hi) forgave her.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Friday Night together.

The Situation

  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Party Tonight together.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Luv Em Boys together.
  • They were forced to share a room with Valerie.
  • They both helped Sun Hi retrieve he phone and getting past Jared.

The Campaign

I Am Genius

  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed My Girls together.
  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed How I'm Made.
  • They are both shocked that Sun Hi is a certified genius.
  • They are upset that Sun Hi is leaving Mackendrick Prep.


  • Jodi and Corki (along with Sun Hi) performed Girls @ together in Sun Hi's imagination.
  • Corki wore the dress that Jodi made for her to wear on homecoming night.
  • Corki gave the dress, made from Jodi's favorite designer and idol, Hye Jung Ko for her to wear.
  • They both attend to the Homecoming.

Mr. Chang

  • Jodi (along with Caleb) distracted DJ Maxwell while Sun Hi was bringing Corki to the interview.
  • Jodi and Corki (and Sun Hi) performed Superstar in Sun Hi's imagination.
  • Jodi and Corki (and Sun Hi) performed Spotlightz in Caleb's imagination.
  • Jodi (along with Caleb and Sun Hi) attended to Corki's audition.

Fashion Truck

  • Corki (along with Sun Hi) free Jodi inside the locked truck by using a security app on Corki's cell phone.
  • Jodi and Corki (and Sun Hi) performed Friday Night live.
  • They both get parts in the school play.

Season 2

Fashion 911

  • Corki helps Jodi putting her fashion show on the family week's schedule.

Similarities & Differences



  • Jodi has highlights in her hair, Corki does not.
  • Corki has long hair, Jodi has short hair.
  • Corki takes everything very literally, Jodi does not.
  • Jodi likes fashion; Corki doesn't as much.


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Season 1

Rumors & Roommates

Sun Hi: She's here. Ahem.
Corki: Hi. I'm Corki Chang, your new roommate.
Jodi: I'm Jodi. This is Sun-Hi.
Sun Hi: Are you famous?
Jodi: Sun Hi.
Sun Hi: Come on! We're sisters in dorm life. We need a circle of trust and if she's famous Oh. Designer. I need to know so I can use it to my advantage.
Jodi: Don't mind Sun Hi. She's weird.
Sun Hi: Not weird, weird, just unique weird. You play that? Since I was 4.
Corki: My father wanted me to.
Sun Hi: Well, my father wanted me to be a boy, but I think disappointment is good for parents. Keeps them guessing.
Corki: Look, you two seem nice but you probably won't be seeing much of me. I'm here to study hard and get into an American university.
Sun Hi: You're right! She's not a spy, she's an alien.
Jodi: Sun Hi come on!
Sun Hi: I can't see. Oh. That's better.
Sun Hi: Corki, who knew you could sound so great with me.
Corki: I've never sung with anyone else before.
Jodi: It was fun! My gift to you.
Corki: You weren't recording that, were you? Of course I was!
Sun Hi: I'm pretty always recording everything. It's kinda my thing.
Jodi: You'll get used to it.
Corki: No one else can know about this.
Sun Hi: What are you talking about? This is fate! Our first step in our epic journey to starting a pop super group! A pop super group? There's no pop group. Oh contraire, mon frere. That means you know nothing Jodi in some other language
Corki: French, and that's not what it means. Please promise me you'll never tell anyone about this? Please?
Sun Hi: Okay, but that won't do any good cause it already went viral! Okay, let's just all calm down Corki, if you're going to be in a band, people have to see you. It's the whole point of a band. You know, besides the music and all that.
Corki: You couldn't possibly understand. No one could.
Sun Hi: What do you think that was all about?
Jodi: I don't know. I thought you were going to be the weird roommate.


Jodi: This is a biology lab.
Sun Hi: Perfect, right!? Nobody wants to be here. We'll have it all to ourselves.

Corki: Could you guys keep it down please? I'm actually studying.
Sun Hi: Great, she's stalking me.
Corki: Your imagination goes beyond your delusions of grandeur.
Sun Hi: Yes, it does. Wait, what does that mean?
Corki: You don't wanna know.
Sun Hi: Look, Corki, we need a place to rehearse, and this is the only place that was empty.
Corki: Well I need a place to study the principles of microbiology and cellular respiration.
Sun Hi: And you have to do that in a lab? Come on Jodi, let's rehearse. Don't bother us, and we won't bother you.
'Caleb: I just had a vision of what we could be. We? Us! Sun-he, me, you? And Corki.
Sun Hi: Corki?
Caleb: She's amazing.
Sun Hi: She had her chance, and she chose "common sense" over fame and fortune. So now she has to live with the consequences of her terrible decision.
Caleb:I'm telling you, Corki would take this group to a whole new level.
Jodi: There's no group. There's just me, and Sun-he. If Corki doesn't want to join, we can't make her.
Corki: That's right, you can't. Now if you'll excuse me. My fungus is calling.
Sun Hi: Well good luck studying in our rehearsal space.
Corki: Good luck rehearsing in my study space.
Sun Hi: Oh, ew! Oh! Oh that's--
Jodi: I think it's safe to say that there is a fungus among us.
Ms. Diona: What is going on here!? What is that stench?
Sun Hi: It's Corki's experiment! She's trying to stink us out.
Ms. Diona: This lab is strictly for experiments, not singing.
Sun Hi: We can explain-- Our band was rehearse--
Ms. Diona: Band!? Please tell me you're not a part of this.
Corki: I was just studying.
Ms. Diona: Only school-sanctioned activities on school property. No matter how stinky. I don't want to see your band, or hear a single note of it, ever again.
Jodi: Corki, would you try this on for me? I wanna see it on a human.
Sun Hi: So why ask her? Maybe she wants to ask someone who's actually capable of being helpful.
Jodi: That's it! It's go time! You and me! Stop! I don't want blood on my dress.
Sun Hi: That's a dress? I can see it. We lost our rehearsal space because of her. We have no idea who she is, where she's from, or why the principal sucks up to her.
Corki: Maybe you're just not used to someone who's life isn't always on display.
Sun Hi: Huh! People need to know what I'm doing. It fulfills them.
Jodi: Would you two stop arguing.
Corki: I'll do better than that, I'll stop talking to her.
Sun Hi: I can stop talking too. Maybe.
Corki: Jodi, could you please as Sun Hi why she feels it's appropriate to use my hairbrush without asking?
Jodi: Really? This is what we're doing? Sun Hi why are you using Corki's brush?
Sun Hi: Jodi, tell our mystery friend that in this country, it's part of the roommate code. All personal hygiene items, clothes, and homework assignments are to be shared and copied at will. Oh, also tell her she's out of the very expense perfume she brought.
Corki: Jodie, please tell Sun-he that her code is as ridiculous as her ideas of becoming a social media created pop star.
Jodi: I don't wanna tell her that.
Valerie: Freshmen, please leave.vJodi: Can we just have a minute?
Valerie: No. You can't. Out! These noobs are so intense.
Sun Hi: Why are you so angry with me? You don't even know me.
Valerie: But I know people like you. You're the perfect kid. Good grades, always do what you're told, never wrong. You're the daughter my parents always wanted.
Jodi: Ooh this just took a turn.
Sun Hi: I'm here because I've been kicked out of every school I ever went to. This is an amazing chance for me to live my life. Live my dream, and make something of myself.
Valerie: Look, I really need to go to the--
All: Out!
Valerie: No choice. To the boys bathroom.
Heather: Boys? But it's so icky and yucky and gross! And yucky!
Valerie: You already said yucky, Heather.
Corki: All my life, I've been told what's best for me, and I've done exactly that. Music lessons, ballet, study hard. I had to be the best, or it wasn't good enough. I'm here, because it's where my father thinks I should be. But what about what you want? I just want to do something great with my life.
Jodi: Looks like we all want the same thing. Can we just start over? Sun Hi, meet Corki. Corki, Sun Hi.

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