You look beautiful today Corki!
—Chip says to Corki

Chip is a recurring character in Make It Pop. Chip is a robot who will help Corki in success to win Think-Fest and be in the band again.

Chip is portrayed by Simbot Evolution.


In Think, Corki invented Chip with 20 circuits from toasters and some gear found in the trash. She built him so she can win Think-Fest, stay in the band and at Mackendrick.

Chip then was added dream boy personalities which entertained everyone but not Jared. Jared was jealous of Chip who was complimenting Corki all the time.


Chip is a sweet and cool robot in need to assist. He is also smart and wise.


Corki Chang

Chip likes Corki because she is his creator.

Jared Anderson


Jared dislikes Chip and is (possibly) jealous of him because Corki wants to spend more time with Chip instead of Jared. This started their rivalry over Corki. Jared constantly insults Chip and Chip constantly remarks on Jared's bad grades. In Oh Boys, Chip and Jared have a dual with water balloons, and Jared accidentally makes Chip short-circuit. Chip also mentions that if he had his way, Jared would never see Corki again.


"You don't need beauty sleep, Sun Hi. You are already beautiful enough." Chip to Sun Hi 


  • Erika interviewed the creators of Chip/Simbot Evolution.
    • Chip was created to compete in a robotics competition.


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