Caleb and Heather is the friendship/romantic pairing of Caleb and Heather in Make It Pop.


  • Healeb (Hea/ther and C/aleb)
  • Ceather (C/aleb and H/eather)
  • Haleb (H/eather and C/aleb)


Season 2


  • Caleb wants help from Heather.
  • Heather helps Caleb to make Jodi jealous.
  • Heather gives advice to Caleb to take apart Darmala and Jodi.
  • Heather spends time with Caleb more.
  • Heather scratches Caleb's beats.

Get on the Bus!

  • Heather is happy Caleb is safe and kisses him.

Reality Bites

  • Heather had a look knowing she had feelings for Caleb.


  • Caleb and Heather go buy potatoes to power the lights for prom
  • Caleb feels sorry for Heather not having a date to prom
  • She says that she doesn't mind
  • Caleb said he would take her if he has a clone of himself
  • He tells her that they have so much in common.
  • Caleb looks over at Heather while dancing with Jodi.
  • Caleb develops feelings for Heather at that moment.

Looking for Trouble

  • Heather comforts Caleb about the letter Jodi wrote to him (on accident)
  • Heather sees Caleb and Jodi breakup
  • Valerie asks Heather if the just broke up and she says "It was not a breakup, it was just two people who care enough about each other to left themselves be free"
  • Valerie asked does she want to date Caleb
  • Heather confesses her feelings for him, but she does want to date him at the moment because it wasn't the right time
  • Heather has the Heather hunch that everyone will be with perfect someone in the end

Similarities and Differences


  • They both are blonde.
  • They both attend Mackendrick Prep.
  • They are both single


  • Heather is a girl.
  • Caleb is a boy.
  • Heather attended Mackendrick Prep longer than Caleb.


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