Are You Corki, Jodi, or Sun Hi? or What's Your Make It Pop Personality? is a game on of Make It Pop. You can play the game here


Which one of the Make It Pop girls is most like you? Take this quiz to find out!


  • Your never without your...
    • Phone
    • Notebook
    • Calculator
  • Pick and outfit
    • Jodi's
    • Corki's
    • Sun Hi's
  • You dream of...
    • Hollywood
    • Books
    • Clothing store
  • Pick one
    • Microphone
    • Violin
    • Sewing machine
  • What's your favorite color?
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Blue
  • Which word describes you?
    • Creative
    • Focused
    • Energetic
  • What music do you like best?
    • Pop
    • Classical
    • Hip Hop
  • Pick an icon
    • Kitty
    • Frog
    • Bunny
  • What's your go-to text lingo?
    • SHM
    • LOL
    • OMG
  • Which scares you the most?
    • Getting a C- on a test
    • Socks with sandals
    • Dead phone battery


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